Fiber optic cable products of 5G network infrastructure market

September 14,2020

According to Gartner data. Global investment in 5G network infrastructure in 2020 will be US$8.1 billion, compared with US$4.2 billion in 2019, almost doubling year-on-year, 49% of which will come from deployment in China. As of June, 81 operators around the world have deployed 5G commercial networks, covering countries and regions that account for approximately 72% of global GDP, including some major economies in Europe and the Asia-Pacific.5G network construction puts forward more requirements for the construction of network infrastructure, which is expected to drive the demand for basic components such as optical fiber and cable.

The optical fiber cable is a communication cable consisting of two or more glass or plastic optical fiber cores, which are located in a protective coating and covered by a plastic PVC outer sleeve. The signal transmission along the internal optical fiber generally uses infrared rays.

The development of the optical fiber and cable industry stems from each generation of communication construction. Fiber optic cable is a traditional communication manufacturing industry. It uses the principle of total reflection of light to transmit signals in fibers made of plastic or glass, which is the basis of contemporary social information transmission. Therefore, the construction of each generation of communication facilities will drive the demand for fiber optic cables and promote the prosperity of the industry.

With the advent of the 5G era, the market's demand for optical fiber preforms, optical fibers and cables will further increase, and the industry will usher in a new round of development opportunities. The development of 5G will bring about an increase in demand for bandwidth, and drive a new round of investment in communications infrastructure, becoming an important driving force for the growth of the optical fiber and cable market.

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