FTTA Outdoor Cable IP68 Mini SC/APC Assembly

August 31,2020

FTTA Outdoor Cable IP68 Mini SC/APC Assembly

FTTA Outdoor Cable IP68 Mini SC Assembly

1.Optional Diameter:3.0mm,4.8mm or Ribbon 4.0*7.0mm;

2.Optiional Jacket:LSZH,PU,

3.IP67/IP68 Waterproof protection;



1. IP67/IP68 water and dust protection, Salt-mist proof

2. Connector types Mini SC

3. 1 Channels Available

4. Available in single mode and multimode

5.Wall Seal Design, Easy Operation, Cost-effective Installation

6. 100% tested and serialized Fiber Assemblies

7. Broad temperature range (-40 to+85°C)



1.FTTA , WiMax base station

2.Computer networks

3.CATV networks

4.Active device termination


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